Tax Free Counter "PIE VAT Station"

Enjoy tax free shopping in Japan with the "PIE VAT Station" Tax Free Counter.

Complete your tax refund quickly and easily with the PIE VAT app.


Enjoy tax free shopping at shopping malls and Shotengai with the digital Tax Free Counter "PIE VAT Station." The "PIE VAT Station" is located in popular shopping malls with trendy shops and restaurants in Japan. You can easily and quickly complete your tax free process with your tax refund app "PIE VAT." Within the PIE VAT app, you can check the status of your tax refund process and receive your tax refund on the app.

Enjoy tax free shopping throughout Japan at PIE VAT partner shopping malls and Shotengai.

You can easily shop and receive tax refunds at the Tax Free Counter "PIE VAT Station" located in various shopping malls.



Visit PIE VAT Station located on the 4th floor of AQUACiTY ODAIBA

Enjoy shopping at the many amazing stores and dining at a variety of restaurants at AQUACiTY ODAIBA. And don't forget to take a walk by the beach!



Visit PIE VAT Station located on the 2nd floor of ARIAKE GARDEN

Enjoy shopping and dining at Ariake Garden. You can also experience the hot spring facility "Izumi tenku no yu" at Ariake Garden.


MITSUI OUTLET PARK & Mitsui Shopping Park

Visit the Tax-free Counter at various MITSUI OUTLET PARK and Mitsui Shopping Park.

Enjoy tax free shopping and dining at various MITSUI OUTLET PARK and Mitsui Shopping Park locations.

How to use PIE VAT app at Tax Free Counter

How to Shop tax free in Japan with the PIE VAT app and Tax Free Counter "PIE VAT Station".

Enjoy shopping at PIE VAT partner stores


Step 1. Shop at PIE VAT partner stores and pay an amount including tax

* Total purchase amount must be at least 5000 JPY (excluding tax) from PIE VAT partner stores in the same shopping mall on the same day

Before visiting PIE VAT Station


Step 2. Download PIE VAT app, scan the QR code from the store and start refund request on the app


*Highly recommended downloading PIE VAT app before visiting the mall

Download PIE VAT app
Visit PIE VAT Station


Step 3. Visit Tax Free Counter "PIE VAT Station"

Tax refund eligibility
* You must not be a resident of Japan
* You entered Japan within the last 6 months


After visiting PIE VAT Station


Step 4. Refund after the service fee (1.5% of total amount excl. tax) will be available on the app once approved

Your refund will be available on PIE VAT app and you can withdraw it anytime

Withdraw fund


Step 5. Set your withdrawal method on
PIE VAT app and withdraw your refund.

Your refund will arrive your bank account or credit card within 5 - 10 business days


Important Notice

  • No returns accepted after the tax refund process is completed.

  • Tax-free goods must be exported by yourself. You are not allowed to transfer or consume the tax-free goods in Japan.

  • Tax-free goods cannot be purchased for business, commercial or resale purposes.

  • Please present your passport and the purchased goods at customs upon departure.

  • If you do not possess the tax-free goods upon departure, you have to pay the consumption tax at customs.

Tax refund eligibility

Summary of tax refund eligibility

  • Total purchase amount must be at least 5000 JPY (excluding tax) from PIE VAT stores in the same mall on the same day.

  • Non-resident foreign citizens with “Temporary Visitor (within 6 months)”, “Diplomat” or “Official”
    status of residence.

  • Non-resident Japanese citizens who can provide documentary proof of residing outside of Japan continuously for at least 2 years.

Questions and Answers about tax free shopping with PIE VAT app

Why do I need to submit my personal information on PIE VAT app?

This information is required by the National Tax Agency in Japan to process tax refunds. PIE VAT is a licensed authorized transmitter of this information. PIE uses industry standard security to ensure data is stored and transmitted securely.

When will I receive my tax refund?

After withdrawing from the PIE VAT app, it may take up to 5-10 business days, depending on the recipient's bank or credit card.

How can I contact PIE VAT support?

You can contact PIE's support team via the live chat on PIE VAT app or online help center page.



Download PIE VAT app for free

Download PIE VAT App and enjoy Tax Free Shopping

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