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  • No waiting in line at tax free counter "PIE VAT Station" (available at shopping malls and commercial district "Shotengai")
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Enjoy digital tax free shopping with PIE VAT app

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How to receive your tax refund

How to use Tax Refund App PIE VAT


PIE VAT app for individual stores

Enjoy tax free shopping at individual stores


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Enjoy PIE VAT app at shopping malls


Testimonials by PIE VAT users who enjoyed tax free shopping

"I Used PIE VAT for the first time during our trip to Copenhagen last month, love the mobile-first (scan QR code + upload pictures for my goodies) and seamless experience (from merchant POS to my refund). No more stamping and queuing up at the custom. Great job guys! 👏"

"I love PIE VAT Tax refund service. PIE VAT is easy to use especially comparing to other services. PIE VAT also offered great customer service when I had questions. "

”PIE VAT is like a miracle tax refund service. I was always unhappy with existing tax refund services but PIE VAT offers easy to use service and I was able to get my money back without hustle. From now on, I will always get my money refunded using PIE VAT. I hope more stores offers PIE VAT.


Your questions regarding tax free and PIE VAT and answers

What is PIE VAT?

PIE VAT is a digital tax refund company helping travelers across the world. PIE works with thousands of stores across Europe and Japan.

Why do I need to download PIE VAT app?

The PIE VAT app allows for faster and digital tax refunds for tourists at PIE partner stores, while allowing tourists to explore and discover more stores and savings.

What is so great about PIE VAT?

PIE VAT allows you to digitally complete your tax refund. You can receive your tax refund instantly and withdraw the refund to your preferred account of credit card or bank account. 

Download PIE VAT app for free

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