Tax Free Shopping with PIE VAT App

Just scan your passport, visa, and QR code with your app

Get a VAT refund on the same day

PIE VAT provides easy to use tax refund app

PIE VAT provides hassle-free, safe, and transparent Tax Free shopping 

PIE VAT will provide you refunds using only a fraction of the time.

  • No forms.
  • No Lines.
  • No hidden fees.

Download PIE VAT app and get a bigger slice of the Pie!

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How to use PIE VAT at  individual stores

Let’s get your Tax Refund in 4 steps

1. Enjoy shopping

Shop, shop, shop!  at PIE VAT partner stores

2. Upload your passport info

Download PIE VAT app and upload your passport and visa information

3. Scan QR code and receipt

Scan QR code or 6-digit number and invoice provided by the store

4. Submit your Tax Refund request

You will receive tax refund right away 

How to get tax refund at PIE VAT Station (Tax Free Counter)

Let’s get your Tax Refund in 4 steps

1. Enjoy shopping

Shop at PIE VAT partner stores in the shopping mall or shopping area stores and pay an amount including tax.

2. Download PIE VAT app and Scan QR code

Download PIE VAT app, scan the QR code for the store and start refund request.

3. Show your passport at the Tax Free Counter

Visit PIE VAT Station, show your passport and purchased item to verify your tax refund eligibility.

4. Receive refund on app

PIE VAT will process your request and approve your refund request within 0.5 - 1 hour. Refund after the service fee (1.5% of total amount excl. tax) will be available on PIE wallet once approved.

5. Withdraw refund
5. Withdraw refund

Set your withdrawal method on PIE VAT app and withdraw your refund.

Your refund will arrive your bank account or credit card within 2 - 5 business days.

Download PIE VAT App Here!

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Testimonials by tourists

"I Used PIE VAT for the first time during our trip to Copenhagen last month, love the mobile-first (scan QR code + upload pictures for my goodies) and seamless experience (from merchant POS to my refund). No more stamping and queuing up at the custom. Great job guys! 👏"

"I love PIE VAT Tax refund service. PIE VAT is easy to use especially comparing to other services. PIE VAT also offered great customer service when I had questions. "

”PIE VAT is like a miracle tax refund service. I was always unhappy with existing tax refund services but PIE VAT offers easy to use service and I was able to get my money back without hustle. From now on, I will always get my money refunded using PIE VAT. I hope more stores offers PIE VAT.